Pricacy Policy

Britta Friedrich

Data Controller

You can contact me at:


Google is everywhere. Google knows everything. There is nothing, I can do about it. Sorry!

Contact Form

If you contact me via the contact form, I will get your data via email and my email provider will know about that. I will answer you and you will then get an email, too. My email provider and your email provider will know all about that email. That is, how contact forms and emails work.


If you leave a comment under one of my posts, I and everyone else on the internet will be able to read it. That is, how the internet works.

Your Data

I am not going to sell your data. I do not even know, who would be interested in buying your data. If you want to have something deleted, tell me.

Instagram / Telegram

If you are curious about my profile on social media and you then click on the links, they will know! Instagram collects your data. Telegram probably also. There is nothing, I can do about it. 


If you are curious about my videos on YouTube and you visit my account or if you watch videos on this website (which are all hosted on YouTube), YouTube and Google will know. There is nothing, I can do about it.