Finding Forever

In 2017, I left Germany to become a digital nomad. In 2017, I bought the magicXroads domain to tell the world about my adventures. In 2017, I also set up my website and blog.

However, in spring of 2018, I gave up on the project. While I could talk for hours to my friends about all the things I experienced, I did not feel like it would be of any interest to the rest of the world:

  • That I was constantly worried about having a good enough internet connection, so I would not lose my students.
  • That it was a pain scouting for new accommodation every month or two.
  • That living in an improvised situation was harder when you couldn’t recover from it because the next move was just to another temporary solution.

So, why did I become a nomad?

There was the promise of adventure, to do what others wouldn’t dare. There was the breeze of freedom from the rat race of finding new employment projects, only to then feel cramped in the 9 to 5. There was the yearning to be independent and give my students, clients, or customers the best and not the calculated minimum to maximise other people’s profit. There was the curiosity of other countries and cultures, and there was the opportunity. And as I have learnt, I never regret trying something, but more often than not, I regret, if I let a chance pass me by. So, I gave it a shot, and I made it work – at least for a time.


And don’t get me wrong: I had a good time. Working for myself made me more content and happier, than I had been in a long time, and I do not plan nor want to work for anyone else but myself in the future. I learnt a lot about myself and started working on improving what I thought was set in stone. I tried meditating and gymnastics, learnt about motivation and habits, about willpower and perseverance. I set goals and failed and tried again. I made new friends, who I never saw again, and met people, who became life-savers. I do not want to miss a minute of it.

On the road - again!

But something was missing. The normality of waking up at the same place, the possibility of creating routines and habits, the chance of building something in time. So, I settled down, at least for a while, and I enjoyed it. And although Poland is not my forever, I needed the time for myself – and anyway, there was Covid. But now it is time to have a look around again, to seek the place, I want to settle down for good. And it is another chance to create a blog. More than five years later, with five years more experience, self-confidence, and knowledge, I relaunch magicXroads. Let’s see where it leads me…



I have been an au pair, a tourist, an explorer, and a nomad – looking for nice places to visit and the one place I want to stay forever.

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